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Drink Driver Education

Drink Driver Education


The Back on Track Drink Driver Program has been designed with the intent of educating and changing attitudes and behaviours of participants. The program has been based on substantial research of best practice drinking and drug driving programs in the Territory, other jurisdictions and international interventions. The content of the program has been designed to incorporate these research findings in relation to program effectiveness and outcomes.

The drink driving program consists of one or two units and is run over two consecutive days.

Unit One (UGS002)

For first offenders disqualified from driving due to blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of less than 0.15. 

Cost $300 (one full day)

Unit Two (UGS003)

For drivers with a previous drink driving conviction and for those disqualified from driving due to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading exceeding 0.15. All participants must undertake Unit One prior to commencement and completion of Unit Two.

Cost $370 (two full days)

When and where are the courses held?

  • Katherine: Knotts Crossing Resort, Katherine
  • Darwin: The Avenue, 12 Salonika Street, Parap
  • Palmerston: Charles Darwin University, University Avenue Palmerston

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What you can expect:

The purpose of the program is to achieve the following:

  • Address the legal requirements of the NT Government's legislative framework
  • Reduce the incidence of drink driving in the Northern Territory
  • Change the behaviours of those who have committed a drink driving offence and reduce recidivism
  • Enhance road safety in the NT.
  • Encourage those who have alcohol abuse problems to seek help.

The specific aims of the Program are to:

  • Enhance participant motivation to change offending behaviour
  • Inform participants about the law and alcohol related issues
  • Encourage participants to understand the effects of drink driving on themselves, their significant others and the wider community
  • Assist participants to build skills, strategies and knowledge to apply in future situations
  • Provide accurate information about alcohol, BAC and alcohol elimination
  • Inform participants about the effects of alcohol on the body, mind and driving capacity
  • Assist participants to consider the consequences of their offence on their own lives and the lives of others
  • Enable participants to plan practical strategies in a range of scenarios which they can implement in high risk situations
  • Develop self awareness regarding substance dependency behaviours
  • Provide access to services and support for those who may benefit from such assistance

What is expected of you?

To obtain a Notification of Completion, you are required to demonstrate you have achieved a number of competencies and/or met various requirements.
Therefore, you must have:

  • Lost your Driver's Licence as a result of a drink driving offence
  • Provided proof of your identity
  • Paid your course fees before the course starts
  • Participated in an enrolment interview prior to commencing the course
  • Signed the Conditions of Attendance Agreement
  • Maintain no alcohol or non-prescribed drugs in your system when attending each session of the course and submit to random breath analysis as determined by the Course Facilitator. A breath analysis reading in excess of zero may result in immediate discharge from the course. No refund of fees will occur in such circumstances.
  • Attend all sessions, on time and remain for the duration of each session
  • Demonstrate an understanding of, and ability to apply, the learning principles documented in the manual

Training & Personal Development

Our highly skilled and qualified Trainers have many years of experience in presenting interactive workshops. They apply adult learning principles through hands-on experience, action learning and small group work. This enables individuals to apply functional skills and behaviours in the workplace instantly. Our workshops are regularly updated and incorporate the latest knowledge and skills.

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