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The field of Coaching is a rapidly expanding one. Experienced and skilled EASA Coaches work flexibly with you to provide sessions in a supportive and confidential environment. Your coach at EASA can provide:

  • Management coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Conflict coaching

Management Coaching

May be covered under our Consultancy and Employee Assistance Programs, this coaching can assist you with:

  • Organisational and Business Planning
  • Improving workplace culture
  • Team Development
  • Dealing with difficult or challenging individuals
  • Improving workplace communication
  • Applying HR systems and strategies
  • Addressing workplace performance issues
  • Effective upwards management
  • Recruiting and retaining staff
  • Strategies to address issues in the workplace
  • Identifying the style and approach of key stakeholders and individuals
  • Goal Setting and Behaviour Change programs
  • Addressing issues of bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Dealing with work stress and pressure.

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching program focuses on enhancing leadership style and interpersonal effectiveness. It assists you to examine your preferred style and approach as an Executive and identifies ways to maximise your effectiveness when working with and through others to achieve organisational goals.

Life Coaching

We offer you a Personal Coaching program to achieve greater success in either your private or professional life. EASA has trained and experienced coaches who will customise a program for you and work with you one-on-one. Our point of difference comes not just from helping clients identify and clarify their choices, but in actively assisting in how to take steps to achieve changes.

Our coaches recognise when a person is subconsciously "sabotaging" themselves. In these circumstances, successfully overcoming negative thought processes can allow you to achieve results you only dreamed of!.

A personalised coaching program will help you create a mindset for success so that you can get the results you deserve. The program has a progressive personal developmental focus. We therefore recommend a package of 12-15 one hour sessions over a 6-12 month period (as negotiated with clients).

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching provides a one-on-one voluntary and confidential process in which a trained coach assists and supports people to reach their goals for improving the way they manage conflict or disputes. The process is essentially a conversation whereby coaches help people to identify their goals, explore different ways and steps for reaching these objectives and develop practical methods for preventing unnecessary conflict, resolving disputes and generally enhancing their conflict management skills.

A key component  of EASA coaching is flexibility. Coaching addresses both your needs and those of your organisation. You may be referred to different services depending on your areas of focus. Please contact EASA to find out how we can assist you to reach your goals.

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Training & Personal Development

Our highly skilled and qualified Trainers have many years of experience in presenting interactive workshops. They apply adult learning principles through hands-on experience, action learning and small group work. This enables individuals to apply functional skills and behaviours in the workplace instantly. Our workshops are regularly updated and incorporate the latest knowledge and skills.

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